Volunteer opportunities

The American NATYA Music / Dance Festivals are organized entirely by volunteers, and we depend on community involvement to run the event in a smooth fashion. If you would like to volunteer at either the Festivals or in general by serving on , there are plenty of opportunities to do so. Read on for a sample of what we do, followed by instructions on how to sign up.

Volunteers have a variety of responsibilities:
  1. Drive artists, volunteers, and equipment between the hotel and the venue
  2. Artist pick up / drop off at the airport
  3. Transporting Festival goods and supplies
  4. Collecting donations for meals
  5. Providing Snacks to guests
  6. Working in food management like serving, clean etc.
Stage Management
  1. Assist sound engineer and stage manager turn over stage between concerts, help with microphones, and recording setup
  2. Helping in lighting design
  3. Help with stage props, with lowering the stage props, by moving them in time during the show
  4. Providing coffee, tea, and water to artists in backstage


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