Subhadra Parinaya

Story line


Story line

In Mahabharatha, one of five Pandavas happened to go on pilgrimage, because he sinned of breaking a rule among his brothers. He wanders across huge lands and crosses big rivers. He visits many great places, in the end of his trip he comes to Dwaaraka, capital city of Yaadavaas. Krishna and Balarama ruled this city. Krishna was Arjuna's friend and guide. Krishna meets Arjuna in the outskirts of Dwaaraka and informs his sister - Subhadra's love to Arjuna. But also he mentions, he should come and meet her in the disguise of a saint to make sure, she loves him. If both would like to get married he would help them. 

Balarama, who was against this love-affair, wanted his sister Subhadra to marry Arjuna's rival - king Duryodhana. He never liked Arjuna and his other four Pandava brothers. But he had a great respect and belief in all saints and sages. He comes to know about this saint, who will be visiting from out of town. He meets saint (Arjuna) and invites him to his home to be his guest. He appoints Subhadra as the key person to take care of him. He wanted saint to change Subhadra's mind from Arjuna to Duryodhana. 

During the stay in Balarama's palace - Arjuna realizes Subhadra is really in love wit him. But he never let down his disguise. There will be a festival of love (Madanothsava). Everyone is very happy and cheerful. Except these two lovers. In the festival of lovers, they are grieving for each other. At this  time Arjuna decides to show his real self. He declares in front of Subhadra, as he is Arjuna. Subhadra is very happy to see her beloved and falls to his grandeur and valor. When Subhadra agrees to come with, Arjuna takes her in chariot out of Dwaaraka. None of the people who was securing Subhadra could stop him. Subhadra's friends, maids ran to Balarama informing - that someone kidnapped princess. 

Enraged Balarama, chases Arjuna. He tries to surrender him with his army. Arjuna is no less warrior. He defeats all of them. Subhadra's feared bot her elder brother and her beloved, would die fighting instead of making peace. As the battles rages and no one seems to give up, Krishna intervenes. Balarama stops fighting unwillingly. Bit, when Krishna introduces the warring price - was Arjuna. Balarama gets very upset. But Subhadra comes and falls at Balarama's feet seeking his blessings, because she loves Arjuna. Balarama understands her heart and blesses both lovers. 

Duration: 60 minutes

Cast & Crew



Sootradaara: Prasanna Kasthuri
Nati: Seema Kasthuri
Subhadra: Priya Patel
Balarama: Prasanna Kasthuri
Krishna: Shree Govani
Arjuna: Samanvita Kasthuri
Revati: Seema Kasthuri
Nandika: Sadhana
Avantika: Nithya
Mallika: Mounica
Poorvaranga Dancers: Jayashree, Nivvi, Hansika
Natesh Vandana Dancers: Niharika, Sanjana, Samhita, Roshni, Sanjana Anand, Sansita
Madanosthsava dancers and Warriors: Nithya, Mounica, Hansika, Nivvi, Sadhana, NIharika, Sanjana Samhita, Roshni, Sanjana Ananda, Sansita

Source: Subhadra Haranam of Madhava Bhatta , son of mandaleshwara. 

Category: Srigadhita (Short drama)

Time: 17th century

Language: Sanskrit

Choreography: Guru Prasanna Kasthuri

Music: Hemmige Venugopal

Sanskrit: Dr. Shaanthala (Professor of Sanskrit, Bangalore University)