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Missouri Arts Council


The Missouri Arts Council, a state agency and division of the Department of Economic Development, was established by the state in 1965 to provide grants to arts projects that meet our strategic goals:

  • Increase participation in the arts in Missouri
  • Grow Missouri’s economy using the arts
  • Strengthen Missouri education through the arts

The Missouri Arts Council awards grants to organizations to stimulate the growth,development, and appreciation of the arts in Missouri. This funding makes possible quality arts programming to communities throughout Missouri. In addition to funding, we provide technical assistance in community development, fundraising,marketing, grant writing, arts education, artistic disciplines (visual arts,music, literature, theater, dance, festivals, and film/media) and more.


Regional Arts Commission


The Regional Arts Commission leads, strengthens and gives voice to a creative community where every citizen can be proud to live, work and play in a world-class region. In short, we are proud of our St. Louis cultural identity and want to do whatever we can to grow, sustain and promote that identity in the future. We are at the forefront of helping transform St. Louis into a more vibrant, creative and economically thriving community through the arts – and want everyone to know just how special the creative community is within the region.

Our organization was founded in 1985 to promote, encourage and foster the arts and cultural institutions in St. Louis City and County, and to contribute to the economic development of the area through a strong presence of the arts.



Soorya Performing Arts:


Soorya Performing Arts is a non-profit organization whose role and responsibility is to coordinate and support the growth and development of Indian art forms such as classical dance, music and theater in greater St. Louis area. Its main aim is to make ancient art forms from India more enjoyable to American populace. To make it happen, it is building up artistic infrastructure for the Indian immigrants of USA, so they can retain their roots, while embracing the American values who made this country as their own. It provides support for learning facilities. It organizes events such as International dance and music festival throughout the year.

Its performing and training wing - “Soorya Dance Company” - presents performances throughout the continent of USA.

For details Contact 314-397-5278 / 314-629-9754


US Wide Financial


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Brightway Insurance






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