Here are the results of all the student's Natya Idol competition.

Kindly take this information for education purpose only. Our aim is to make sure, we all improve by conscience. It is not our intention to insult or indulge in any kind of negative comments. These results are announced purely to encourage each child/participant to appreciate their own strong points. Also support each other to get rid of weaker points to become good artists.

Best approach to become an artist is to enjoy the art and love the beauty of learning of intricacies of life as we move on.

Here is the result. This will be on our website for next 60 days. After this we will be removing and archiving.

Those who won the prizes be humble. That's the best quality of a winner. Those who have scored less have to work hard to get better and win in the 2017 Natya Idol. For perfection - Sky is the limit.

Our million pranams to the 13 great artists who sat patiently for 7 hours and provided this feedback. We are sure this will help all of you in your artistic endeavor.

Please click the following link

Natya Competition_Scoring Report_FINAL