Krishna Paarijaatham – 2017

Love and Devotion

The performance of ‘Sri Krishna Parijatham’ by Anjali Arts center, Houston, Texas will present taut and artistic ingenuity. The ballet opens with sage Naarada’s prevesa daruvu, wherein he is seen contemplating the engineering of an altercation between the high and mighty so that some good would accrue to society as result of realization on the part of conceited ones.

He finds it a perfect setting in Dwaraka of Lord Krishna to prove the significance of devotion over earthly pomp and vanity. Thus he chooses possessive and conceited Satyabhama for target and sets its course in motion.

As per plan, he first visits Krishna, while he stayed in Rukmini’s palace and gives a divine blossom Paarijaata flower. Naarada explains its significance and suggests that the Lord Krishna give it to the best of his consorts. Being in the presence of Rukmini the Lord Krishna naturally gives the flower to her.

Naarada promptly conveys this information to Satyabhaama who takes offence, as she considers herself the darling of the Lord. In an attempt to pacify Satyabhaama, the Lord promises her that he would plant the very Parijatham tree in her backyard; and does it in no time. Though the plant remains in Satyabhaama’ s courtyard, it sheds its flowers in its neighborhood courtyard of Rukmini who devoutly collects for her daily puja. It further annoys Satyabhama.

Finally Naarada explains that devotion can win the Lord over; and Satyabhama finally accepts Rukmini’s pride of place among the Lord’s consorts.

Main Choreography - Padmavibhushan Vempati Chinna Sathyam

Direction: Dr. Rathna Kumar (Houstn Texas)