Method to Judge

Competition Scoring is done with a simple method. There will be 12 independent judges on the panel. Each judge will score based on the criteria described below. All scores will be fed into a common score tallying system. The final score will be an average score of all independent evaluations.

The panel of  judges include - teachers, scholars, choreographers and dance administrators. We will be transparent of every score to the public. We believe in honesty and accurate analysis of artistic values.  If you need more answers, please feel free to call us. Apart from this, we will be doing an online voting also, to seek people's verdict which will have up to 15% weightage. Anyone can register to vote on our website (this will be available soon)

The following are the main criteria for evaluation.

  1. aangika abhinaya - which includes the necessary sthanakas - such as aramandi or proper standing postures of kathak or tribhangs of Odissi; hand gestures; body bendings etc. Basically Anga, Upanga and pratyanga positions with respect to taalam and bhavam will be noticed. - 30 points
  2. vaachika abhinaya - a good music, announcement, if possible saying the bols or jathis will be a part of this - 10 points
  3. aahaarya Abhinaya -  A full costume is suggested, how ever a practice costume (half saree or an elegant chudidaar)  is sufficient.  Each candidate must be properly bejeweled and must have ankle bells - 10 points
  4. saatwika Abhinaya - Portray necessary abhinaya for all the dances. Abhinaya may vary from a simple expression to a complex sanchari bhaava (a story telling) or showcasing of  Navarasa (9 sentiments) or Nayika/nayaka bhavas (hero and Heroines). For junior groups, a simple abhinaya or expressions are sufficient. - 20 points
  5. Taal and Laya - Accuracy in rhythm with respect to speed and tempo - 20 points
  6. Space usage and over-allpresentation - Utilization of area for performing; entry/exits - 10 points 


Please note: All audience must have a festival ticket ($15 per day per person in advance purchases) to watch the competition. Thanks for your support.