Dance Baithak circuit

Is there a way, some of us can meet and share our art forms? May be in our homes, or our studios, or in our class rooms or in our garages. Can we bring back those times of enjoying arts, which has gone out of fashion. We can change this. We conduct festivals, performances. Yet most of the time, we do get enjoyment, when we see some one  perform dances in their own class rooms. It is sure many of us had blasts in rehearsals, than in shows. It may be because, our kind of dancing (Indian classical solo dances) needs to be watched close, not from 400 feet away in a 3000 seat auditoriums.

We are bringing this idea, to simplify our energies, so we can share our art, for the sake of art, in a friendly way. We understand, we are always tie our shows to expenses. Is there a way we can do it for fun ? Can we dance for sharing ?

Anyone interested in doing, dance-sit-outs or face-offs or dance-baithaks , please join us in this art-attempt ? No cost involved. May be little cost involved. Just to cover someone's expenses. In this case, we all know, only art is involved. Probably, it also needs a good heart to invite some other artist. Apart from this, it needs a little time to spend, share and enjoy other artist's art treasure. It requires a small space to cherish each other's art. If people can get together, we can have real blast of art . This comes with no boundaries. This changes, the face of our presentation of our own art forms. We can come much closer than ever, with such small get-togethers.

If you like our idea, and wish to be in the Dance Baithak Circuit, please fill the form. We will try to bring people/artists of same mentality together, so we can have a good time in dancing.

Just My performanceMy performance and help othersNot Decided

I need little funding to cover my expenseI can come free

Able to host and pay a small feeAble to Host onlyNot able to host