Last Date to register :   April 01,  2017

Approval Notification:  We will inform you, of your approval with in week's time of your registration and receiving of your video sample. Please register early, if you are planning to travel to St. Louis, MO for this competition.

Competition Date and Time : Saturday, April 29- 8AM - 3PM - Sunday, April 30, 2017 from 8 AM - 1PM

Please note: All audience must have a festival ticket ($15 per day per person in advance purchases) to watch the competition. Thanks for your support.

Requirement: A 3-minute video either performed on stage or performed during practices is necessary to get qualified.  we are taking this measure to keep the competition timely and qualitative. You may upload a link to YouTube and send the clip to us. Any misrepresentation will lead to disqualification. The video has to be current or taken in the past 3 months. Disqualification may occur only if the dance is in a very elementary level or of poor quality. So, before your submit, please make sure, you are up to some standard. (For example - level 1 - atleast Jatiswaram level; level 2 - more abhinaya pieces and nritta items; level 3 - arangetram or performance level).

Send audio/ video link to -

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Competition Details

This is strictly an Indian classical dance competition

American Natya Festival is the home of Indian classical dances. Our dance festival has invited more than 1000 artists in the past 8 years to present and perform all classical dance forms. Due to a public request, last year, we added a National level dance festival.

Why is this dance competition important for a young artist ?

In USA, or in India, most students normally learns from a single teacher and probably presents in several venues. Unlike a performance, a competition will reflect the quality of dance. These qualities are analyzed and measured based on known parameters of dance - as mentioned in the judging page. Our competition is special, because, we are requesting 10 judges to sit and analyze. We have taken painstaking steps to invite these artists from different parts of USA, INDIA and CANADA. It is our fortune these 10 gurus have accepted. So, if a student performs and gets a review from the peers in the field, it will help her/him to perfect the art form better. This is a great opportunity for any true learner to get analyzed by 10 Gurus. It is like going to a Gurukula with 10 Gurus !!!

Who can participate ?

Anyone learning Indian classical dances - such as Bharathanatyam, Kathak, Kuchipudi, Odissi and Mohini Attam can participate. Our dance competition is for all the styles.  We are making sure we have all style judges.

What is needed for registration ?

All interested participants must provide a 3-minutes solo clip. This is necessary for us to choose the properly trained ones, so, we can tell them if they are eligible. This screening is done by our dance gurus locally. So, we urge everyone to do the video clip nicely. We are not expecting a professional video. We just need to see how the participant presents a dance number. You may choose some dance, which has little Nritta and abhinaya.  You are welcome to record on your Iphone or a smartphone and email it to us. You may also send a video of your recent performance. We have limited time to conduct this competition, we would like to use it efficiently. We will not deny anyone, who is reasonably good to try our competition. The selected participants will be invited to present their dances in the competition in the presence of senior most Gurus from India and from USA.

Where is it held ?

Competition will be held on April 29 and 30th, 2017 at the American Natya Festival premises

What are the timing ?

Competitions will be held on Saturday from 8 AM - 3 PM and Sunday 8 AM - 1 PM Prize distribution - Sunday 3:00 - 3:30 PM

What classical styles allowed ?

Bharathanatyam, Kuchipudi, Kathak, Odissi, MohiniAttam

What is the Age restriction and  Duration of dance ?

Group 1:   9 years - 11 year   -   Duration: 5 minutes maximum
Group 2:   12 year - 15 year   -   Duration: 7 minutes maximum
Group 3:   16 year  and above   -   Duration: 10 minutes maximum.  

What are the Rules ?

All participants must have full performance costumes, if they wish to score full 10 points for Aaharya abhinaya. 
  Dances are judged, based on rhythm, emotional expressions, geometry, grace, involvement, originality, innovation costumes and space usage. Nritta, Abhinaya and meaning of the sahitya will be observed. More details check in judging page
  Music (in mp3 or Wave file) must be sent before April 12th 2017, other wise you will be disqualified. We reserve the right to hold, modify or cancel the competition depending on the situation, enrollment and availability of resources.

What are the Competition Fees ?

Group 1  - $60 Group 2 - $90 Group 3 - $120 Fees are non-refundable


Prizes are for based on age group not for individual dance style. Following are the prizes  
Group 1 : Recognized with total cash prize $300 for all three prizes, certificates  signed by senior Gurus and 1st ($125) , 2nd ($100) , 3rd ($75)  trophies by the leading Gurus of the field.
Group 2 : Recognizing with total cash prize  of $600 for 1st ($250) , 2nd ($200) , 3rd ($150) , certificates and trophies by the leading Gurus of the field.
Group 3 : Total Cash prize - $1000 for all three prizes. Prizes are as followed - 1st ($450) , 2nd ($325) , 3rd ($225) .  Recognizing with certificates and trophies by the leading Gurus of the field.

We sincerely thank Bharadwaj  family for donating funds to first prize, of Group 3. Thank you

Special recognition Top three contestants in Group 3 -  will be awarded with an  opportunity to present 45 minutes of dance presentation in Soorya Performing series. They will be provided local hospitality and an honorarium. We will provide an opportunity to perform in INDIA  in Bengaluru, India in the reputed Nritya Vaibhava Dance Festival, conducted by Shanthala Arts Trust, when they visit India in July 2017.

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Please note:  All audience must have a festival ticket ($25 per day per person) to watch the competition.

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