12 scintillating Dance Dramas of  2017 American Natya Festival.

These are Romantic, Comedy, Tragedy, Spiritual, Historical and Contemporary dance production totally created by Indian artists in USA. This festival signifies the growth of Indian performing arts in USA by Indian Immigrants. These are fabulous presentations. Come and Enoy

  1. Subhadra Parinaya choreographed by Prasanna Kasthuri from St. Louis in Bharathanatyam style
  2. Geetha Govinda choreographed by Deepthi Mukund from Washington DC in Bharathanatyam style - 
  3. AMRAPALI choreographed by Sethuraman Madhu from Dallas in Bharathanatyam style
  4. Shakuntala choreographed by Shobha Subramanyam from Baltimore in Bharathanatyam style
  5. Murugan choreographed by Sudha Chandrasekar from Detroit in Bharathanatyam style
  6. Shyaama choreographed by Nandini Mandal from Philadelphia in Rabindra Nartan style
  7. Dhruva (An Indian re-work of Lion King) choreographed by Chitra Ramaswamy from New Jersey in Neo-Bharathanatyam style
  8. Krishna Parijatham choreographed by Rathna Kumar from Houston in style
  9. Purandaradasa choreographed by Shridhar & Akhila from San Antonio & New Jersey in Bharathanatyam style
  10. Rama Eshwara choreographed by Asha Adiga from Chicago in Bharathanatyam style
  11. Shad Ripu choreographed by Shambhavi Vazhe from Los Angeles in Kathak style
  12. Gandhi choreographed by Mythili Kumar from San Francisco in Modern Indian style