NATYA - North American Testing for Young Artists  is an independent group of highly acclaimed Gurus of Indian performing arts, who test and certify the quality of Indian classical performing arts through several levels of tests and exams. NATYA focuses on classical Indian dances only. Our aim is to create a trustworthy system to recognize and measure the artistic ability of a classical Indian dance student through well-defined parameters of excellence. Our certification's main goal is to provide a student an authentication to his or her knowledge by a panel of eminent artists. Such recognition will boost their respect in the field and also could be used as a step stone to access more performances, productions across the country.

What sets us apart from other commercial dance schools and companies is our commitment to an honest analysis of performing arts from India and help students to achieve perfection. Students will be encouraged to study both theory and practical aspects of Indian Classical Dance. Our aim is to bring an affordable way to qualification close to their cities. Through testing, we aim to bring light on the achievements of students, irrespective of their arangetrams or any personal performances. Our advanced exams are beyond arangetram level.

We believe Indian Diaspora in North America has brought in great minds from India – not only in Science and Engineering – but also in Indian performing arts. Our model of exams depends on such knowledge pool available in USA. We will invite important Gurus from India for guidance. Our goal is to become self-sufficient in quality controlling of classical dance through artists living in USA. Setting up a home grown examination system is better for the community of USA based artists.

The judges for exams will be selected by experts in the field. Any dance teacher, Guru or instructor may apply to become a judge. Any dance school may apply to become a center for exam. We would extend our support to all partners of Indian performing art.  Our aim is to be truthful to the rules of aesthetics, geometry, grace, literature, history and principles of real time dance productions.

Headquartered in Ballwin, MO, USA, we offer exams in Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, New Jersey, Detroit, Atlanta, Cincinnati, San Antonio, Houston, San Jose.

NATYA Certification in Indian Performing Arts